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Fanzine edited by Taller dos puntos that proposes a dialogue between the works Páramo by Camilo Mutis and Urban Geology by María Lucía Peña, through a visual and poetic narrative that relates plants and stones.

 In-organic Matter

Project of divulgation and digital intervention of heritage archives developed by Taller dos puntos with a grant from the National Library of Colombia. * The project was developed working with five bibliographical materials from the José Celestino Mutis collection of the National Library of Colombia: The Educated Surgeon by Tomás Goulard; The Universal Dictionary of Physics by Mathurin Jacques Brisson; Physical-mathematical letters of Theodoro de Almeyda; Recueil des plants by María Sybilla Mería; and Description of the plants by Antonio Josef Cavanilles. It was carried out in two stages, a first one of research and creation of five illustrated reviews of the books; and a second one of artistic intervention of the digitized archives using techniques as collage and visual poetry, in order to explore the multiple possibilities that can be generated through the associations of fragments and images from the books. The pieces were organized into five categories according to their format and conceptual proposal: Scientific Verses, Lyrical Descriptions, Glossary, Visual Extracts and Plant Manifesto. As well as an interactive button to generate visual compositions in real time. The Glossary, printed in engraved for this edition, was done with words, definitions, geometric figures and mathematical diagrams, proposing a a poetic and visual lexicon that relates the body and the environment. Description of the editions: 1 series of 9 red prints, printed in photoengraving on recycled rag paper (320 gr). 1 series of 11 prints in blue, orange and yellow, printed in photoengraving on recycled rag paper (320 gr).

Engraved edition of the Mutis Miscellany, 

Ongoing publication that brings together writings, conversations, quotes, screenshots, fragments of science books, textures, lists, composed verses, among other forms of writing, to build a theoretical and poetic body that relates edition to territory. Digital printing in diverse formats and papers. The publication was initiated in the Action and Thought Laboratory, organized by Jaime Vallaure and Andrea Greppi in the Circle of Fine Arts of Madrid, and is part of a research exploration about the concept of terrarium as a space of relationship between the archive, the vegetal, and the corporeal.

Transform the archive into a terrarium

designed by Taller dos puntos for a leaders workshop of Fuente de paz Association.