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"... these objects, these artifacts were fine, almost immaterial, sensitive transitors, transmitters-receivers of waves that reflected our existence”.  Ignacio Gómez de Liaño

Laboratory of objects is an imaginary space in which I develop artifacts and interaction mechanisms. They don´t necessarily have a precise form, their formats vary, and their activation occurs through actions, exhibitions and encounters. 

It is based on an interest in machinery and movement as other forms of poetry and language, looking for objects to be a motor for conversation and actions.

Year: since 2020. 
Description: imaginary laboratory of objects (different formats and materials).
Collaboration: Ana Fernando.

Time printer

Brush tied to the needles of a clock that draws the passage of time. 

In collaboration with Ana Fernando.

> Alchemists of Time Presentation, Condeduque of Madrid (2020).

Clock of sounds

A battery tied to a stick and suspended in the middle of twelve objects. People have to move it so it advances like the needles of a clock. The vibration is always the same but it sounds differently depending on the material that touches.

In collaboration with Ana Fernando.

> Alchemists of Time Presentation, Condeduque of Madrid (2020).


Object that converts discriminatory phrases into sounds with the help of a player piano and a paper with the written phrases. Using fire to make holes, the paper is turned into a music score. 

> Performance, Circle of Fine Arts of Madrid (2020).

Flag unweaviner

This object is activated through the collective action of unweaving the Colombian flag while talking about national imaginaries. Its shape and mechanism can be imagined through a video that describes it.

> Video (2019).

> Photos of encounters and unwoven threads (different years).


Object to imagine what happens between skins when two bodies get in touch. When two hands go inside the object, a pre-made video with pixelated images of the skin begins to play.

Contactario copia.jpg

> Activation, Circle of Fine Arts of Madrid (2019).

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