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I play for Mocoa was an art and citizen participation project carried out as part of the Fuente de Paz Association team in Colombia. It was a space for creation with children in Mocoa focused on the reconstruction of their city after an avalanche occurred there. Through imagination and experimentation, we created a woven monument and an itinerant structure to mobilize games and artistic activities in the territory.

Description: Woven monument and mobile structure as results of a participatory artistic process.
Year of realization: 2017.

> Photos of the creation process

MONUMENT made with 10 metal frames, handwoven with cabuya, and installed in the surroundings of Doña Rosa's house, an emerging community center. Children wanted to give life to the San Miguel neighborhood, one of the most affected by the avalanche, and they proposed to build a monument. We invited a group of women to do it and the result was a series of textiles that seek to redefine Doña Rosa's house as a meeting, collaborative and learning space.

The STRUCTURE becomes into different supports or spaces: basketball court, volleyball court, games table and outdoor room for video projection.

Modelo de la estructura hecho por los niños

> Children's sketch


Game book to support community leaders in developing activities in their schools. The word Chagra refers to the orchard (or vegetable garden) as a space for community exchange; appealing to this word we wanted to invite to recognize playing as an important element of the community and collective memory. The book is accompanied with a suitcase full of materials and objects, and is written as a myth, proposing a narrative that relates the materials and dynamics with stories and stories from the Kamëntšá community.

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