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Camilo Mutis (Bogotá, 1992) is an artist, professor and manager of cultural projects, with special interest in edition, performance, conceptual experimentation and art-installation. He has worked between Colombia and Spain in projects around memory, peace pedagogy and community urbanism; in the design of citizen participation strategies for heritage and urban plans; and in the cultural activation of heritage spaces, such as the Sabana railway station in Bogotá and the surroundings of the Sangoyaco river in Mocoa.

​He has developed art and education projects with institutions like Condeduque of Madrid (Time alchemist, levadura residence, 2020),

Miró Mallorca Foundation (Plants poetics, Pilar Juncosa prize, 2022),  Complutense Fine Arts Library (An amorphous library, AC-2023), Bogotá Escuela Taller Foundation (Laboratory of traditional crafts, 2016; Undisciplined art school for kids, 2015), among others. And he has been teacher of the Weaving and Community projects workshops at Sur Arts School of the Circle of Fine Arts of Madrid. 

In collaboration with other artists, he explores sound art, performance and the development of digital experiences that expand edition to other formats. As Taller dos puntos co-coordinator, he designs fanzines, pedagogical tools and transdisciplinary publishing projects, such as Páramo (activated in different years and formats) and Mutis miscellany: poetic laboratory of heritage archives (National Library of Colombia grant, 2022).

Camilo studied psychology and two years of performing arts (Javeriana University of Bogotá, 2015), he did a MA in Arts (FULL ACCIONA SCHOLARSHIP, Sur art School, Circle of Fine Arts-UC3M, 2020) and is now studying a MA in Art research and creation (Complutense University of Madrid). 


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