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Actual.Professor Sur School of arts, Circle of fine Arts of Madrid - UC3M.

2023. Métele tumbao, creative writing workshop, Madrid Writing School. 

           Plants poetics. Art education prize, Miró Mallorca Foundation, Spain. 

           Daily life poetics, IV Bajo Teja Festival, San Lorenzo de Tormes, Spain. 

           Amorphous library, artist book workshop (AC - financial support), UCM, Spain. 

2022. Sonanzas, scores and sound performance workshop, Circle of fine arts of Madrid, Spain. 

2020. Time alchemist, levadura residency, Condeduque of Madrid.

2018. ALBORDE Sound creation residency, production and methodological team, Puente.

2016. Traditional crafts laboratory, methodological team, Bogotá Escuela Foundation. 

2015. Undisciplined art school for kids, Sabana railway station of Bogotá, Escuela Taller Foundation. 

         San Jorge Theater living typographies, graphic intervention workshop, VI National Heritage Meeting. 

Community practice

Actual.Citizen participation strategy for the Urban Planning of Zamora (ESP), cemaselle studio collaborator.

2021. Creative exchange project in Llano grande former FARC territorial space (COL), methodological team, Puente.

2018. Community Social proyect Tumaco (COL), methodological team, MSF-Tumaco. 

2017. I play for Mocoa, community project, coordination and methodological team, Fuente de Paz Asociation.

2017. Peace building workshop, citizen laboratory with young people, methodological team, Fuente de Paz Asociation.

2016. Citizen participation strategy for the Protection Plan of the Sabana railway station of Bogotá, Salvaguarda Foundation collaborator.

2016. Candelaria is your home, methodological team, Bogotá Escuela Taller Foundation. 

2015. Art and cultural activation project of the Sabana railway station of Bogotá, Escuela Taller Foundation.

Specific projects

2023. Commensality, project carried out during an artistic residency in Can Serrat (70% grant).

           Fruits library, specific installation, VAIA VAIA fanzines fair, Lugo.

2021.  Mutis Miscellany: poetic laboratory of heritage archives, developed with a grant of the National Library of Colombia.

2016. Weaving the gathering, woven sign with the Trans Community Network of Bogotá for the TEDxBogotá-Women. 


2023. Body land, performance, Circle of fine arts of Madrid.

           Unweaving country, artist-book, “Tentativa” collective exhibition, UCM.

2022. Retina+Nerveti, audiovisual performance, Contextos Magazine space, Madrid.

2020. Páramo, performance and installation in collective exhibition, Circle of fine arts of Madrid.

           Cuerpo de tripa, performance, Circle of fine arts of Madrid.

           Transduction, performance, Circle of fine arts of Madrid.

2019. Ayú, kuka, koka, visual essay in collective exhibition, Circle of fine arts of Madrid.

          Recycled language speech, performance, Juan Rulfo library of Madrid.


2023. Reading residence with María Jerez, Dorothy Michaels, Madrid.

           70% grant Can Serrat, July-August, El Bruc.
2020. Levadura residence (pedagogías invisibles), Condeduque Madrid. 2018. 

2018. Selected for the IDDS - Design summit in Guaviare, Colombia, MIT and National University of Colombia. 

2018. Selected for LabicXlapaz, citizen laboratory, Medialab-Prado in Pasto, Colombia. 


2023. Mutis miscellany​: poetic laboratory of heritage archives, article, Archivoz Magazine.

           Food physics, fanzine developed with an artistic support grant - Can Serrat.

           How to make a verse, co-author LADA guides "The adventure of learning", INTEF.

           Seguir el río, co-author, especulative speech. Árida platform, Patagonian University Institute of the Arts.

2022. Llano grande Poetic dictionary, co-author and design, Puente Cultural Consulting - Comfama

2021.  In-organic Matter, fanzine edited by Taller dos puntos. 

2017. Chagra of games, pedagogical tool, co-author and design, Fuente de Paz Association.

2015. Pedagogical tool for a culture of peace, co-design, Escuela Taller of Bogotá Foundation. 


2023. Mutis miscellany​: poetic laboratory of heritage archives, V Archivoz Magazine Journeys. 

2022. Old files, new files, Byblos: 'One hundred years of an old and living library', UCM. 

2021. What to forget first. X ENAP congress of educational innovation, Colegio Estudio Foundation.

2020. How beautiful to stop and touch papers without spines, Matilda coffeshop, Books night of Madrid. 


2022-24. MA in Art research and creation, Complutense University of Madrid.

2018-20.  MA in Arts (Acciona Full Scholarship), Circle of Fine Arts of Madrid and UC3M.

2010-15.   Psychology, Javeriana University of Bogotá.

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