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Weaving workshop that I give together with Ana Fernando at the Escuela Sur. It is a space to thought about textiles and the different ways of weaving, exploring techniques and materials based on what each student proposes. In this exploration, we use very different sources of reference (such as artistic, biological, architectural, daily stories, among others). At the end of the workshop, we gather remains, sketches and pieces in an exhibition during the Design Week in Madrid.

Community art projects

It is a workshop that I give together with Ana Fernando at Escuela Sur, focused on thinking and developing collective processes in different contexts (schools, associations, independent spaces,...). It seek to extend the creation and research processes of the students to collective practices and exchanges, provoking meetings for the development of participatory artistic projects.

We accompany the design and development of the proposals, and at the end of the workshop we generate a glossary of emerging words that bring together the different experiences.


The project workshop is a laboratory in which we accompany the students of the Fundamental Course of the Escuela Sur to think and develop their final works, while we define and assemble an exhibition together.

Métele tumbao

It is a creative classroom that I give together with Daniel Montoya, at the Escuela de Escritores of Madrid, focused on the exploration of different ways of integrating the students own and autochthonous vocabulary in the creation of texts. We talk about the use of everyday language in writing, about literature as a way to preserve, recreate and generate cultural universes, and on the possible links between writing and territory. The workshop invites students to use those words that distinguish them and to generate a unique semantic resource that allows them to develop their writing in different ways of expression.
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