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Weaving workshop

For 3 years, I accompanied with Ana Fernando the Weaving workshop of Sur Art School, a space to wonder and experiment with the concept of weaving, exploring techniques and materials based on students practices and proposals. For that exploration, we shared references from very different  backgrounds (such as biology, medicine, art, architecture, daily life stories and landscapes, among others) and we developed diverse collective exercises, like read and knit at the same time, draw other people's projects, or make specific group activities related to each weaving project. 


Through the hole workshop, students create pieces, sketches and remains, that we later gather in a public exhibition in the Circle of Fine Arts of Madrid, during Madrid's Design Week. We have organized three public exhibitions: Formar un subsuelo (2023), ### (2022) and Urdimbres (2021). 

Years: 2020-2023.
Professors: Ana Fernando y Camilo Mutis.

* MA in Arts, Carlos III University and Circle of Fine Arts of Madrid. 

> Workshop and exhibitions, Circle of Fine Arts of Madrid.  

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