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How beautiful to stop and touch papers without spine was

an action carried out with Ana Fernando for Madrid Book´s Night (2020) at Matilda coffe shop. It was a way to activate a series of posters, made with phrases heard and recorded in the cafe for 30 days before the action, created through accidental and shared writing procedures, such as: cover other eyes while writing, pushing his hand, writing at the same time, among others. ​


During the action, we produced a LIVE POSTER, using the same procedures that we use to make the exhibited pieces. With a camera, what happened between our hands and the paper was projected in live, accompanied by a SOUND PIECE that we previously made.


At the end, we generate a dialogue with the public to talk about the relationships between words and images, about posters, writings and ACCIDENTAL and random   COMPOSITIONS.​ 

Technical description: Graphic action, audiovisual projection and soundscape. Posters made with markers, crayons, stamps, vinyl, aerosol, masking tape, black Chinese ink and mango fruit. 
Year of realization: 2020.

> Broken violin and motor, soundscape that accompanies the action, made with objects, a harmonica and a vibrating motor moved on top of a broken violin.

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