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"... these objects, these artifacts were fine, almost immaterial, sensitive transitors, transmitters-receivers of waves that reflected our existence”.  Ignacio Gómez de Liaño


The objects laboratory is an imaginary space where I manufacture and activate objects, systems and devices to generate experiences and conversations. They don´t necessarily have a precise form, their formats vary, and their verification/activation happens in different spaces: on the street, in houses, in a collective exhibition, in performances.

It is based on an interest in machinery and movement as OTHER FORMS OF POETRY and language, looking for objects to be the motor and bridge for conversation and action.

Time printer

Brush tied to the needles of a clock that draws the passage of time. The prints made are arranged around it as if the brush-clock-ink was also a clock.

Presentation Time Alchemists,
Conde Duque Cultural Center of Madrid

Clock of sounds

It is a battery tied to a stick and suspended in the middle of twelve objects, like a clock. People have to move it so it advances like the needles of a clock. Its vibration is always the same but it sounds differently depending on the material it touches.

Presentation Time Alchemists,
Conde Duque Cultural Center of Madrid


Object that converts phrases into sounds with the help of a player piano and a piece of paper that is burned into holes.

Círculo de Bellas Artes of Madrid

Flag frayer

This object is activated in the collective action of fraying the Colombian flag and talking about identity and territory, questioning the ideas of symbol, homeland and representation. The object is made as a video, inviting to imagine its mechanisms and shapes.

Deshilachador 2.jpg
Vídeo from flag frayer


Object that magnifies in images what happens between the skin when two bodies touch. By entering two hands, a video starts running, previously made with pixelated images of the skin. 

Contactario copia.jpg
Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid

Year of realization: since 2020. 

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