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Memorial prints

During the 2021 National Strike in Colombia, some people were disappeared (mostly youngsters and social leaders) and found dead on the Cauca River. I started drawing and naming plants, inspired by organs and tissues of the human body, as an attempt to materialize and commemorate those missing lives: one plant for each missing body.

After a visit to Spain of the President of Colombia at that time (Iván Duque), days after he denied these facts of disappearance, the UIPA platform organized a cultural gathering in Madrid called "Tragic Realism" in Plaza Agustín Lara, in which I participated  making a mural with the drawings, printed on eco paper 80 gr.

San Jorge Theater Cartography

Intervention of the old San Jorge Theater, located in Los Mártires district, in the center of Bogotá, made with young people from La Favorita neighborhood during the week of the VI National Heritage Meeting, organized by the Ministry of Culture.

There were two posters, one was an invitation to the theater with a design inspired in advertising from the 40s. And the other was a cartography made between textual quotes from its inhabitants with significant places of the area.

Suma Kausai

I participated in the design of this project during the citizen innovation laboratory organized by MediaLab Prado in Pasto, Colombia. It is a publication that compiles part of the experience of substitution of illicit crops from the Inga de Aponte community, through stories and radio pieces.

Mocoa hearing stones

Compilation of 7 soundscapes, made at the Alborde sound creation residency, in Mocoa. It is made up of echoes, silences, vestiges, marching bands, birds, games and onomatopoeias, that seek to approach this territory through sound listening. It is accompanied by a digital illustration that I designed, with Olga Acosta, at the Alborde book residence with Tragaluz Editores.

The memories associated to the avalanche that occurred in Mocoa, a year before the residence, influenced a large part of the made pieces. The socialization of the work was a space for memory and community gathering.

Link to see the illustration and listen to the soundscapes:

Guavi-aire (IDDS)

Modular object with different configurations to be used outdoors that invites people to build their own play spaces. I participated in the creation of this project in the design summit for international development "Idds building peace, reconciliation from co-creation" organized by MIT and Colombia National University, in the Territorial Space for Training and Reincorporation (ETCR) of San José del Guaviare in Colombia, one of the spaces assigned to ex-combatants of the FARC guerrilla after the signing of peace agreements with the government.

The project seeks to create recreational spaces in the ETCR while promoting integration between the surrounding communities.