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Plano Secuencia

The task of making a sequence shot led me to record two parallel shots at time: what the camera no longer sees, what is outside a single shot. I see plans (same word in spanish for maps) as an incomplete representation of places, bodies, spaces, that have been defined as objective from a certain perspective —angle— that remains hidden in what they represent. This video visualizes a walk through the city of Madrid from two parallel points of view, questioning the idea of ​​original plan (or point of view).


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Coke pixels

This video is part Ayú, kuka, koka, a visual essay about the coca plant. It seeks to question the objectivity of images and documents, using fragments, geometries and pixelated images of coca archives; as well as to make visible the imaginaries of extractivism and eradication that affect and harm the practices and knowledge of the plant of coca, sacred to many indigenous communities in Colombia.

Deshilachador 2.jpg

Flag frayer

Video that invites people to imagine the mechanisms and forms of an object whose function is to fray the flags.

Decontinental verses

Pieces of 20-second videos, exchanged between Ana Fernando and me like a conversation between Colombia and Spain. The life that passes from one side to the other and bring live between supposedly distant places. The background song is called Black Seed (semilla negra).


Five elephants

Video score made by Lucía Chamorro and performed by liCuadora duo.

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