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I was born in Bogotá, Colombia, but I have lived in different places, such as Mocoa, in the north of the Amazon, Tumaco, in the Pacific, and now in Madrid, in the interior of the peninsula.

I studied psychology in Bogotá, I did a Master in Arts and artistic practice at Escuela Sur in Madrid (Full scholarship, Círculo de Bellas Artes - UC3M) and now I'm doing a Master in Art Research at Complutense University. I have also participated in laboratories, design meetings, artistic residencies and workshops on different things (such as typography, editorial composition, writing, soundscape, screen printing, dance, improvisation, bio-construction).


I am interested in all arts and disciplines, seen from an experiential

and experimental point of view. Each process, project and context invites to an specific language or practice. However, my curiosity in print formats leads me to search for editorial processes in the projects that I collaborate on. But it is a curiosity that serves as a bridge to other languages, such as sound, video and performance.

I have worked on art based community projects in Colombia (both self-managed and with different organizations), mainly associated with the memory of national conflict and violence, but in general with processes related to the territory (activation of spaces, mediation of cultural heritage, reflection on the body and the environment). Much of this work has been with children, looking for more participation spaces of their ways of seeing the world. Now I live in Madrid, where I work independently at Sur School of Arts, I collaborate in urban planning, territory and citizen participation projects and I experiment with publishing, graphics and performance to develop personal and company works. I also do artistic education projects, both independently and with the support of cultural and educational centers.


I seek to collaborate with different people, coming from different worlds and practices, a diversity of scenarios in which art is connected with teaching, with the social, with the political, with science, with everyday life.

In 2019, together with Alejandra Soriano, a Colombian editor and manager, we created taller dos puntos, an editorial experimentation collective to expand the concept of publication and open up publishing to shared experimentation practices. We make books, fanzines, graphic interventions and commissions, and we have developed projects to promote reading and writing, as well as the communication and creative use of bibliographic and documentary heritage.

In that same year, I formed the liCuadora duo with Bruno Angelo, a Brazilian musician and artist, from which we explored ways of relating music, image, plastic arts, and performance. We are very interested in reusing discarded objects, as well as playing with randomness, scales and the constant deconstruction of language. We have not won grants or calls, but we constantly look for other participation scenarios such as houses, independent spaces, bookstores and some occasional festivals.

Since 2022 (although we have been working together since 2020), I have formed with Ana Fernando the studio La delay, poetics of the earth (in spanish: La demora, poéticas de la tierra), an office to rethink the idea of ​​territory (its transmission and representation) from different approaches. We do workshops, drifts, conversations, exhibitions, books, community processes... Together we give the workshops Weaving, Community art projects and Projects  at Escuela Sur.

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