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Ayú-kuka-koka is a visual essay about coca plant, made with a video, a poetic story and a series of archives intervened with collage, printings and drawings with achiote seed.


The edition and intervention of the material was based on the concepts of diagram and palimpsest, seeking to overlap and reflect the different violences around this plant, such as drug trafficking, state strategies to combat it, developmental policies and some scientific practices.*


In the collective exhibition SIN TÍTULO in the Circle of Fine Arts of Madrid (2019), I made a mural with the resulting palimpsests, the video and the poetic story, accompanied by a broken magnifying glass that affected its legibility.

Year: 2019.
Description: Mixed techniques and audiovisual projection. Archives intervened with achiote seed and printed in 340 gr Canvas paper.

> Collective exhibition, Circle of Fine Arts of Madrid (2019)



> Video. 

* To combat drug trafficking in Colombia, the government has used chemical techniques (such as glyphosate irrigation) and a long political practice based on colonial and developmental perspectives. These actions have damaged the land, shortened conservation zones and increased violence. Until 2022 (year in which a left-wing president was elected for the first time in the history of the country), the Colombian government had never recognized the sacred dimension that the coca plant has for many of the communities that live there. Despite the fight and resistance for this political practice (from artistic, scientific and citizen demonstrations), the violence against the coca plant keeps on happening. 

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