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"Koka fertilizes the body and fruits are born at the level of the eyes. Words grow from that altitude and images are watered like rain. That water returns to earth so life can born again."

Ayú-kuka-koka is a VISUAL ESSAY about coca plant, made with different archives (scientific documents and current political news in Colombia), drawings made with achiote (red seed) and a poetic writing (based on stories read and heard).


The aim was to interweave the different layers of information and recreate a universe in tension in which drug trafficking, state strategies to combat it, development policies and scientific classification, impact and harm practices and knowledge around this plant.

With the help of a written story, a reflection about language is proposed, incorporating some notions heard and studied around the concept of word and its circulation through the mambe (coca leaves macerated with burned yarumo), which also invites to wonder about the COLLECTIVE DIMENSION OF SPEECH and its ancestral relationship with this plant. 

Technical description: Mixed techniques and audiovisual projection. Images intervened with achiote seed and printed on 340 gr Canvas paper.
Year of realization: 2019.



> Photographs of the visual essay, Círculo de Bellas Artes (2019)

For the CBA's UNTITLED exhibition, I composed a mural with the pieces, accompanied by the text written with achiote seed and black ink, and a broken magnifying glass that transformed its legibility. Above all, a video was projected with images, also intervened, from audiovisual archives (mainly from drug trafficking in Colombia).



> Video projected at the exhibition.
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