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Daily life poetics was a specific workshop developed in the IV BajoTeja festival in San Lorenzo de Tormes, with the objective of revisiting the town through collective actions and practices. We proposed as many actions as the registered inhabitants (initially 33), such as represent the town's electrical grid with threads, map people paths with footprints, re-make the town shield with clay, map in the streets the daily routes of some inhabitants, among others. Every day we had a meeting time to do collectively some of these actions, but all of them could be done at any time during the festival. At the end, we collected in different fanzines the materials developed  during the workshop.

Year: 2023
Project design: Icíar Yllera and Camilo Mutis.

* Project selected in a public call for the IV BajoTeja Festival in San Lorenzo de Tormes, Spain.

> Photos of the actions and the workshop, IV BajoTeja Festival , San Lorenzo de Tormes.  

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