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Commensality is a project with my partner Álvaro Benítez, which has born from the exploration of collective and artistic practices related to food. Living together has made us though about food as a place of care and encounter, as a dynamic ecosystem between food,  environments and objects where different scales, surfaces, sounds, textures, organisms and stories are mixed. We are interested in activating this ecosystem through poetic and sensorial points of view to think about other ways of relating with food. Being commensals means sharing a table, which invites people to share memories and affections, inhabiting a common space


During an artistic residency in Can Serrat (El Bruc, Catalonia), the project extended to different collective cookings, meals and encounters with other residents, while we also explored specific formats: a collective listening session of the Iragua Forest, a soundscape made with different cooking sounds; a performance with Paula Vicente and Nate Wheeler in which we interacted with an apple and different kitchen objects; and a fanzine called Food Physics.

Year: 2023.
Description: Project related to food and poetical-political ways of relating with it, started in an artistic residency in Can Serrat with Álvaro Benítez.

* Project selected by public call and supported with a partial grant (70%) from the center. The publication was developed with an artistic production support of Can Serrat.

> Collective listening session and sound recording (Can Serrat, 2023).

With this soundscape we seek to connect body, environment and food, associating sounds of cooking with the forest. Iragua in Chibcha language means "riverbed", and in this case it seeks to resemble a humid forest in which to listen caves, fireflies, moans, hums and fires. During the residency, we hosted a listening session where we invited commensals to share an apple drink and to listen the soundscape while drawing they listenings on a tablecloth.

> Just JAM, improvisation session in Can Serrat (2023). Photos by Simon Chang.

Sesión de improvisación con una manzana, objetos de la cocina (ollas, cacerolas, cubiertos) y un instrumento creado por Nate Wheeler. La interacción estaba mediada por un circuito instalado por Paula Vicente en el que el tacto con las cosas generaba que otros objetos se movieran y que se encendieran-apagaran luces dispuestas en el espacio. Nos interesó vincular estas herramientas para potenciar los sonidos y cuerpos que emergen en la interacción con la comida y el espacio.

Improv session with an apple, kitchen objects (pots, pans, cutlery) and an instrument created by Nate Wheeler. The interaction was mediated by a circuit installed by Paula Vicente in which touching things caused objects movements and lights turning on and off. We were interested in using these tools to enhance the sounds and movements that emerge in the interaction with food.

> Fanzine printed in risography, developed with an artistic production grant.

Food physics is a poetic approach to food through different physics concepts, such as energy transfer, wave-particle duality, and radiation. It proposes three principles to relate with food through the intersection of senses, using illustrations, diagrams, writings, as well as links to sounds and videos.


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