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The artist Jaime Vallaure and the philosopher Andrea Greppi invited 6 graduated artists from the Master of Arts of Sur School (Hella Spinelli, Catalina Sosa, Bruno Angelo, Natividad Martín, Sofia Tudela and me) to participate in the first version of a Performance and politics laboratory. During a 1 year process, we discussed different approaches to the political dimension of the performance, asking ourselves how to understand the political in each artist practices and specific proposal. The laboratory ended with a public presentation

of the 6 resulting performances in the Circle of Fine Arts of Madrid.

My project investigated the idea of terrarium as a space of relationship between the archive, the vegetal and the corporeal, questioning the classificatory system that botanists and politicians have used to narrate natural and social worlds. The research made me explore different forms of reading and writing to imagine how the earth would talk about scientific-political representations, which noises and meanings could emerge by speculating its communication.


For the public presentation, I set up a scenography with different papers, archives, plants and water irrigation systems, as well as a video-essay that accompanied the reading of a live written text that sought to evidence the polysemy of the word politics and its impossibility of defining it in a single way. 








In the middle of the laboratory, I found a family bond with José Celestino Mutis, leader of the botanical expedition to the current Colombian, leading me to question the relevance of this bond and its influence on my research. After different confrontations, I decided to incorporate him as another organism in the terrarium. Thus, the text written and edited during the performance, was a combination of a letter addressed to Mutis and a list of verses that repeated the

word politics.

The reading, the space and the projected images made up a speech that, more than narrative, was a murmur. An insistent statement that sought to propose bridges between the poetic, the personal and the scientific and highlight some contradictions in the considerations of what is political. 

In addition to the performance, I began the edition of a fanzine called "To transform the archive into a terrarium", which propose a theoretical and poetic body that relates archives and edition with the territory.

Year: 2023.
Description: Performance, video-essay and fanzine, result of the Performance and Politics laboratory, organized by Jaime Vallaure and Andrea Greppi.


> Public presentation, Circle of Fine Arts of Madrid (2023). 

> Fanzine sketches (2023).

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