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organized by Puente Consultorías Culturales in the Putumayo Association of Indigenous Women, in Mocoa. AlBorde residences are part of an expanded pedagogy program from Puente Consultorías Culturales that proposes research - creation spaces in border territories in Colombia, through immersion experiences, teamwork and the development of personal projects. In 2018, I produced and co-designed the methodology of the Sound and listening residency with the colombian artist León David Cobo, seeking to relate the process with the territory of Mocoa. Then, in 2019, during the Alborde publishing residency with Tragaluz Editores, we gather together with Olga Acosta, Puente's director , the resulting soundscapes on a digital platform called "Mocoa las piedras oyen". ALBORDE RESIDENCES: MOCOA LAS PIEDRAS OYEN:

Alborde sound and listening residency


Master in Arts and artistic professions of Sur School, Circle of fine Arts from Madrid.

Weaving workshop,

Art laboratory from the Master in Arts and artistic professions of Sur School, Circle of fine Arts from Madrid. It is a workshop that I teach with Ana Fernando, focused on the development of collective processes in specific contexts (schools, associations, independent spaces,...), extending the students' practices to social active processes. We are interested in promoting different encounters to rethink the role of art in society. As teachers, we support the design and development of the proposals, and at the end of the workshop we encourage the creation of a glossary that brings together reflections and experiences. Until now, the projects have been developed in Francisco de Goya School in Madrid and in Loeches Monastery, a place managed by the San Martín de Porrés Foundation focused on welcoming and supporting homeless people.

Community projects

Time alchemists

Art project in schools, carried out between the CEIP Francisco de Goya and the Condeduque of Madrid (Levadura residence from Pedagogías invisibles).

Art course of Sur School, Circle of fine Arts from Madrid.

Project workshop


Creative writting workshop that I teach together with Daniel Montoya, in the Madrid Writers School. We invite students to integrate their own and native vocabularies in the creation of texts in order to discouss about the use of everyday language in writing and about literature as a way to preserve, recreate and generate cultural universes, relating writing and territory. The workshop invites students to use the words that distinguish their social and personal backgrounds, creating a semantic archive to write in different ways of expression.

Métele tumbao, 


Plants poetics

Art-education project developed in Pilar and Joan Miro Foundation in Mallorca.


Art-books workshop, organized with Ana Fernando during the centenary of the fine arts library of the Complutense University of Madrid.

Amorphous library

Sound performance workshop, developed with Bruno Angelo in Sur School, Circle of fine Arts from Madrid.


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