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The Amorphous Encyclopedia is a graphic and book project that involves different formats to generate a polysemic and multi-edited publication.

On one hand, it is a set of prints, made in screen printing and risography, created through different processes of graphic composition and archival intervention (mainly using geological maps and cartographies). The pieces seek to connect (in the same image) entities
from worlds considered opposite or distant: volcanoes and cities, dreams and trees, anatomies and galaxies; as well as blur the concepts of plane, scale and space, through textures and saturated-LOW RESOLUTION images. 

On the other hand, it is an artist's book that gathers these prints (and some others) in a publication, connecting them  through different writings. In this way, the images and words seek to expand the intertwined concepts through a poetic language made with data and scientific descriptions.

Finally, seeking to highlight the polysemic nature of the images, people are invited to put together their own encyclopedia using the texts and images (previously printed on different papers and sizes). Thus, it is a way of generate different versions of the
same publication from randomness and conversation.

The project seeks to work with the concepts of amorphicity, polysemy, and texture to question the idea of encyclopedia as a tool for organizing, fragmenting, and synthesizing knowledge.


Technical description: Artist's book, serial graphic work and editorial action.
Year of realization: 2022 












Book mockup

SOON !!!!!!

> Photographs of some pages of the book



> Fanzines made at fairs, festivals and workshops.

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