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As part of the 100 years celebration of the Complutense Fine arts library, we developed a children workshop to experiment ways of editing books and fanzines, based on the concepts of amorphous archives and ancient women (theme of the year of celebration). After the working sessions, we converted one of the library spaces into an "amorphous library", made with leftover papers, textures, remains, and different ways of accumulate them. 


Now the Fine arts library keeps a publication with some of the materiales created during the workshop, becoming the first book made by children in the entire library. 

Year: 2023.
Project design: Ana Fernando and Camilo Mutis.

Collaborators: Javier Pérez Iglesias and CEIP Francisco de Goya public school community.

* Project developed with the financial support of AC- complementary actions 2023 of Complutense University of Madrid. 

> Fine arts library, UCM (2023)

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